(48c) Performance Modeling of Materials-Based Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Applications | AIChE

(48c) Performance Modeling of Materials-Based Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Applications


Brooks, K. - Presenter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Thornton, M. J., National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Tamburello, D. A., Savannah River National Laboratory
One of the challenges of fuel cell vehicles is storage of the hydrogen fuel. In an effort to reduce the temperature and pressure limitations of storing neat hydrogen either as a high pressure gas or cryogenic liquid, material-based hydrogen storage is being developed. Hydrogen stored either as an adsorbent or as a chemical compound not only provides more reasonable pressures and temperatures but also improves the storage density of the hydrogen. Modeling tools have been developed as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Storage Engineering Center of Excellence to assess the performance of these materials in light duty vehicle applications. The purpose of these modeling tools is to evaluate newly developed hydrogen storage materials and ensure that they meet customer expectations for driving range and performance before further investment. Recent advances in these modeling tools have been made to allow direct material property inputs. Such material properties as hydrogen capacity, isotherms and other thermodynamic and kinetic properties can reasonably be measured by materials researchers. Using these properties as inputs, the models can then provide estimates of the mass and volume of the storage system and the driving range and fuel efficiency of the vehicle during transient operation with four different drive cycles. The system sizing estimator and the framework model used to perform this analysis will be described and results presented for adsorbents and chemical based storage materials.


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