(487c) Your Career Path Is like a Distillation Column

Cai, T., Lamar University
A typical distillation column will have its distillate stream at the top and residue stream at the bottom. No matter which stage your feed stream is coming from and what the composition og your feed stream is, all the molecules should select a right steam to go. Your career path is same. Normally there are two kinds of career paths(managerial career path and technical/professional career path) that you can follow in your career development. No matter what your level of KSA(knowledge, skill and ability) is when you graduate from your college, you should pick up a right career path to follow. Different career path will require different KSA development so it is better for you to make a decision as early as possible. This presentation will provide you’re the detailed comparison of two career paths and your development approach of required KSA.