(474d) Novel Solvent Exchange Distillation System- a Comparison Study with Batch Separations

Fazlollahi, F., Brigham Young University
Wankat, P. C., Purdue University
A novel solvent exchange distillation system for simple and azetropic systems has been modeled by Aspen Plus. The results including compositions, flow rate and energy have been compared with constant volume batch distillation system results obtained with spreadsheets and with Aspen Batch Modeler. Operating conditions such as reflux ratio, number of stages, heating parameters and mole fractions have changed. Control parameters and design specifications have been perfectly regulated. The economic analysis including total capital and utilities' cost have been presented and compared. The results show the novel solvent exchange method gives high purity with lower energy consumption than the batch systems. The advantages of the new exchange system are most evident when the initial solvent is the less volatile component.