(442a) Grand Challenges in Sustainability for Future Energy and Chemicals

Powell, J. B., Shell International Exploration & Production
Providing affordable energy and chemical products for a growing world population while protecting the earth’s climate, environment, and resources is a grand challenge for mankind. Abundant natural gas plus cost reduction in renewable energy together with changing societal norms will drive an unprecedented rate of change in technology, preferences, and options for transportation and mobility. Advanced manufacturing techniques together with new energy and feedstock options will drive substantial changes in the chemical industry. While concerns over greenhouse gas emissions are well documented, protection of water resources and biodiversity, management of land use, and mitigation of criteria pollutants impacting local air quality will increase in importance as the world population increases in affluence. Local economies and economic security will continue to play a strong role in consumer and stakeholder choices, which in turn may drive a diversity of preferred solutions. Development of new technology solutions must carefully consider the full breadth of sustainability impacts and drivers in selecting preferred products and pathways.