(423g) Fluidized Bed Rheology II- Applications | AIChE

(423g) Fluidized Bed Rheology II- Applications


Shetty, A. - Presenter, Anton Paar, USA
Hartmann, K., Anton Paar Gmbh
Schütz, D., Anton Paar Gmbh
Powder flow is a complex phenomenon and working with powders can be rather difficult when it comes to processing and storage. Powder handling is a common feature found in several industrial unit operations like mixing, storage, feeding, fluidization, compaction, blending etc. Most of these challenges are related to powder flow. It is very important to understand the flow of powders because most times it is this which dictates quality and efficiency in a powder process. Recently Anton Paar released the Powder Cell for MCR Rheometers, this device is capable of high performance measurements with large ranges of shear rate and shear stress, as well as oscillation measurements for the first time in gas-fluidized beds.

The closed nature of the cell makes even hazardous substances as well as sub-micron particles accessible in this fashion. Being able to measure extremely small torques (+- 10 nNm) in a reproducible manner enables a proper rheological study of fluidized beds in the style of complex fluids.

In this Talk we will show multiple applications of this technology in industrially relevant sector ranging from coating technology to fine chemicals.

Special attention will be given to the original application of fluidized bed: Fluid catalytic cracking and the possible repercussions for studying FCC Catalysts. Shear rate dependent apparent viscosity measurements correlated with pressure drop, oscillatory measurements and Elutriation rate for a variety of grain size distributions and compositions.