(398q) Integrated CO2 Capture /Water-Gas Shift with Integrated HEAT Management for IGCC Applications

Lucero, A., Southern Research
Zhao, S., Southern Research
Gangwal, S., Southern Research
As one of the 16 transformational carbon capture technologies projects selected by Department of Energy (DOE), Southern Research is developing a combined CO2 capture water-gas shift (WGS) process for integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) applications. Here we present a laboratory-scale combined sorbent/catalyst reactor system with advanced integrated heat management to capture 90% of CO2 from simulated Transport Reactor Integrated Gasifier (TRIG) syngas at warm gas conditions (250 – 400 °C). A highly efficient regenerable magnesium based sorbent was developed to remove CO2. It offers high and stable CO2 capacity with minimum requirement for temperature and pressure swings. Under optimized conditions, the sorbents achieved up to 6 mmol/g of CO2 working capacity and remained stable over 250 cycles of adsorption and regeneration. The selected WGS catalyst achieved around 95% CO conversion under both continuous feed and combined cycle tests and remained stable during the test duration that lasted over 200 hrs. The approach has potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency for electricity generation from IGCC. Upon successful completion of bench-scale integrated test program, the process will be ready for pilot scale development. This presentation will examine bench-scale results on combined CO2 capture/WGS process using an integrated heat management reactor.