(396e) Chem Quest: An Adaptive Pre-Freshman Online Chemistry Course

Cheow, W. S., Singapore Institute of Technology
LIM, K. H., Singapore Institute of Technology
Iyer, P., Singapore Institute of Technology
The Chemical Engineering and Food Technology (CEFT) cluster in Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) offers different undergraduate programs – (1) Chemical Engineering, (2) Pharmaceutical Engineering, and (3) Food Technology. A pre-freshman Chemistry course is necessary because 95% of the matriculated students are polytechnic diploma holders from diverse programs, including marginally related programs (e.g. Logistics).

Chem Quest is an SIT initiative to bridge the knowledge gap between pre-university and freshman Chemistry. In order to reach as many pre-freshmen as possible, Chem Quest is offered as an online course. Recognising that the Chemistry competencies of pre-freshmen is at differing levels, Chem Quest is also made adaptive, where learners with lower Chemistry competencies undergo a more vigorous course while learners with higher Chemistry competencies experience Chem Quest as a refresher course. Chem Quest will be initially rolled out to pre-freshmen in the CEFT cluster.