(385a) Revealing Cellulose Pyrolysis Initiation Kinetics Via Novel Milisecond Pulse Reactor System | AIChE

(385a) Revealing Cellulose Pyrolysis Initiation Kinetics Via Novel Milisecond Pulse Reactor System


Facas, G. G. - Presenter, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Dauenhauer, P., University of Minnesota
Neurock, M., University of Minnesota
Zhu, C., University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Krumm, C., University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Biomass pyrolysis is an appealing route for producing fuel and chemicals from renewable resources. Detailed chemical models of pyrolysis chemistry are necessary to optimize the production and composition of bio-oil during pyrolysis. Cellulose, the most abundant biopolymer in lignocellulosic biomass, initially reacts through a short-lived liquid intermediate species which controls the chemistry and determines the composition of bio-oil [1]. In this work, a novel millisecond pulse reactor system known as PHASR (Pulse Heated Analysis of Solid Reactions)[2] is used to study the kinetics of the initiation chemistry of cellulose between 385 0C and 500 0C [3]. Using a cellulose surrogate, α-cyclodextrin[4], the energetics for the initiation chemistry were characterized by measuring conversion from 20 ms to 20 sec. Cellulose decomposition initiation undergoes two distinct kinetic regimes of intra-chain scission; low-temperature glycosidic bond cleavage (T< 467 0C) with a low apparent activation energy and high-temperature glycosidic bond cleavage (T>4670C).


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