(370d) Nanotechnology & Engineering Grand Challenges

Davis, V., Auburn University
Lakin, J., Auburn University
Davis, E. W., Auburn Univerisity
This talk highlights outreach activities on potential nanotechnology solutions to the NAE’s Engineering Grand Challenges developed as part of an NSF Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education grant and a Math Science Partnership. Most of the activities were designed for school classrooms or summer camps, but they have also been adapted for teacher training and public outreach events such as NanoDays and university open houses. This talk will provide information about these activities and evaluations of their impact on participants' science and engineering knowledge and attitudes. The value of creating adaptable activities which are easily implemented by undergraduate and graduate engineering students to reach a range of outreach needs and maximize impact while minimizing stress will be highlighted. The incorporation of consumer grade technology tools into activities will also be highlighted. Specific examples that will be described include activities on reverse engineering the brain and renewing and improving urban infrastructure.