(358k) Demixing in Dilute Polydisperse Emulsions | AIChE

(358k) Demixing in Dilute Polydisperse Emulsions


Cross-flow displacements based on irreversible pair interactions have been derived as multi-dimensional quadratures of pair mobility functions. This result enables efficient computation of transport coefficients that describe demixing phenomena in polydisperse suspensions of rough particles and drops under small deformation conditions. Comparison to full boundary integral simulations demonstrate the transport coefficients are insensitive to particle deformation; similar results are obtained for finite deformation conditions. Hydrodynamic margination in polydisperse emulsions is described by the balance of the diffusive flux associated with irreversible pair interactions and the wall migration of drops. The efficiency of this new formulation enables a quantitative exploration of this problem.

Results will be presented that show size segregation of deformable drops according to size, with smaller less deformed drops disproportionately populating the region near a solid boundary. Equal size drops with different internal viscosities also undergo margination, allowing separation of different components in multicomponent emulsions.


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