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(356f) Reflection from Former Students


Park, A. H. - Presenter, Columbia University
Li, F., North Carolina State University
Cui, Z., Shell Global Solutions
Lau, R., Nanyang Technological University
Tong, A., Ohio State University
Several former students of Prof. Liang-Shih Fan will represent the over 150 Ph.D. and Postdoc advisees from the Fan group to reflect on their experiences interacting with Prof. Fan at both professional and personal levels. These former students, i.e. Prof. Alissa Park at Columbia University, Prof. Raymond Lau at Nanyang Technological University, Dr. Zhe Cui at Shell, Prof. Fanxing Li at NC State University, and Prof. Andrew Tong at the Ohio State University, came from various backgrounds and conducted doctoral research on a variety of subjects related to fluidization, particle technology, and reaction engineering. They will reflect on how Prof. Fan’s influences have helped to shape their careers. Each of the students will identify the most important things he/she learned from Prof. Fan as well as their most exciting research findings from their ongoing research activities.