(322a) Catalyst Development for Natural Gas Monetization | AIChE

(322a) Catalyst Development for Natural Gas Monetization


Baltrusaitis, J. - Presenter, Lehigh University
Wachs, I., Lehigh University
Zhu, M., Lehigh University
Wu, Z., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ford, M., Lehigh University
Taifan, W., Lehigh
Recent abundance of natural gas rejuvenated interest in catalytic methods leading to its high value products. Developments in catalyst design and structural details under working conditions for sulfur and carbon containing natural gas components, such as CH4, CO2, H2S and ethane, will be presented. First, we will focus on the molecular structure and properties of Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM) catalyst. Emphasis will be on using spectroscopy tools to interrogate the active site of OCM supported tungstate catalyst with the goal of later controllably synthesizing it. Second, both CO2 and H2S acid gases are present in significant concentrations in natural “sour” gas streams and need to be separated using energy intensive amine absorption methods. The captured CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere acting as a major greenhouse gas while H2S is combusted to yield elemental sulfur and water. A catalytic method of deriving higher hydrocarbons from CO2 and H2S under reducing environment will be presented and the fundamental knowledge base of acid gas - CO2 and H2S as well as they major reaction byproduct SO2 - induced K2O-WO3/Al2O3 catalyst structural changes will be investigated using in situ Raman, IR spectroscopy and TPSR. Finally, solid acid catalyst design and molecular structure details will be presented for ethylene coupling reactions.