(307f) Process Design and Techno-Economic Assessment of a Seaweed-Based Biorefinery: Integration of Thermochemical and Biochemical Conversion Processes

Brigljevic, B., Pukyong National University
Liu, J. J., Pukyong National University
Biofuel production using carbohydrate rich brown seaweed is being intensely researched in the last few years as a viable replacement for 1st and 2nd generation biomass. In this study, for the first time, integrated pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion is simulated on an industrial scale using Aspen Plus software and experimental data, and technoeconomical assessment is made. Main points of integration include the pyrolytic conversion of the digestate, instead of raw seaweed and further digestion of the carbohydrate rich aqueous phase, which is a byproduct of both pyrolysis and catalytic upgrading. The synergistic effect of this integrated process should yield a more economically and environmentally viable biofuel production, compared to standalone pathways.