(288f) Mixed Matrix Membranes for Ammonium Removal from Wastewaters

Chen, S. T., University of Arkansas
Wickramasinghe, S. R., University of Arkansas
Qian, X., University of Arkansas
Novel electrospun mixed matrix membranes were fabricated to investigate ammonium removal from low total ammonium nitrogen (TAN) wastewaters. Natural zeolite 13X particles as well as several other zeolites such as 3A, 4A and Y were effectively incorporated into polymer matrices by electrospinning method. These composite membranes are found to be efficient for ammonium removal with high capacity and high stability. No leaching of zeolite materials was detected. These mixed-matrix membranes demonstrate high water flux and are easy to regenerate. Over 90% of total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) can be removed from relatively low TAN concentration aquaculture wastewaters. The effects of pore size and Si to Al ratio on ion-exchange kinetics and ammonium removal capacity were elucidated. These novel adsorptive membranes are reusable and exhibit high viability for large scale industrial applications.