(287c) Fabrication of High Quality Graphene Nanoblets for Supercapacitor

Min, Y. - Presenter, Guangdong University of Technology
Fan, T., Peking University
He, T., Guangdong University of Technology
Liu, Y., Peking University
Here we reported the novel strategy for the preparation of one-dimensional graphene nanoblets (GNBs) from two-dimensional graphene oxide by the process of shock cooling, frozen drying, and thermal reduction. The growth and removal of ice crystals during the shock cooling and frozen drying are believed to be the driving force for the formation of such unique architecture. However, such one dimensional graphene architecture exhibited good structural stability, high surface area, high ratio capacitance and low density than equivalent graphene and carbon nanotube. A remarkable capacity of 192 F/g is obtained at the current density of 1.0 A/g growing to the unique folding structure of GNBs, which compared with the specific capacity of 108 F/g for graphene sheets. These results were kinds of promising novel one dimensional graphene as electrode materials for supercapacitors, as well as for a variety of technological applications in hydrogen storage, energy storage devices and novel nano devices.