(286e) Methane Hydrate Formation Accelerated with Various Promoters in an Unstirred Reactor | AIChE

(286e) Methane Hydrate Formation Accelerated with Various Promoters in an Unstirred Reactor


Lee, J. - Presenter, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)
Baek, S., KAIST
Ahn, Y. H., KAIST
Zhang, J., Department of Chemical Engineering, The City College of New York
Min, J., KAIST
Lee, H., KAIST
Recently, many fundamental researches and technologies have focused on the natural gas storage in artificially synthesized clathrate hydrate because of its several advantages of cost-effectiveness, non-explosiveness, and eco-friendly method. For practical applications of hydrate-based natural gas storage, rapid hydrate formation without mechanical agitation is one of key factors to be solved. Zhang et al. reported that sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) plays an important role in increasing both nucleation and growth rate of hydrate in the unstirred batch reactor.1 Kang et al. also used a water-insoluble heavy guest molecule of iodomethane which shows rapid hydrate formation with a high conversion rate by renewing liquid-liquid interfaces without mechanical agitation.2 Veluswamy et al. introduced some additives and evaluated kinetic performance of methane hydrate formation in several systems.3-4 Here, we suggest a new concept of cyclopentane (CP) hydrate seeds as a kinetic hydrate promoter; the induction time of pure sI methane hydrate can be eliminated in the presence of small amounts of CP hydrate seeds and SDS in an unstirred reaction system.

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