(285b) Effect of Particle-Wall Interactions in Freeboard of Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds on Tribo-Electrification and Entrainment of Fines

Grace, J. R., The University of British Columbia
Bi, X., University of British Columbia
Fotovat, F., University of British Columbia
Elutriation of fines from fluidized beds can lead to loss of valuable materials, such as catalysts, and potential release of fine particulates into the atmosphere. We have recently shown that electrostatic forces play a key role in controlling the entrainment of fine materials carrying electrostatic charges. However, it is not yet clear how electrostatic particle-wall interactions in the freeboard affect the entrainment process. This subject is investigated experimentally in this study by comparing the electrostatic charge density and entrainment flux of uncoated and coated fine glass beads in two columns made of stainless steel and acrylic.