(283a) A General Data-Driven Method for Analysis of Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Zones

Amini Rankouhi, A., Wayne State University
Huang, Y., Wayne State University
Industrial energy use is about 30% of the total energy consumption in the U.S. In manufacturing plants, significant energy loss occurs in process systems, and energy generation, conversion, and distribution steps. Hence, how to improve energy efficiency has been continuously a main focus. Numerous energy consumption/GHG emission analysis methods have been developed for in-depth analysis for industrial systems. However, further methodological study is needed for systematic analysis of process and non-process energy consumption and loss. In this work, we introduce a simple, general data-driven analysis method to study energy consumption and loss in industrial zones that many have a variety of manufacturing sectors. The database from the US Census Bureau and US Energy Information Administration is used to perform the analysis of geographical regions. In the presentation, we will also provide analysis of the effectiveness of known strategies for energy efficiency improvement. A case study on the energy efficiency of the automotive-centered manufacturing sector, where various chemical supply companies exist, will be presented to demonstrate methodological attractiveness.