(278c) Design of a Continuous Laboratory Setup | AIChE

(278c) Design of a Continuous Laboratory Setup


Morais, R. - Presenter, Hovione Farmaciência, S.A.
Ataíde, F., Hovione Farmaciencia, S.A.
Matos, N., Hovione Farmaciencia S.A.
Olival, L., Hovione Farmaciência SA
Using continuous instead of batch processing has transformed the way we conduct chemistry in the laboratory. As a result the design of continuous setup is a key focus that triggers the analysis of many topics such as project requirements, company strategy, selection of reactors and suitable auxiliaries as well the setup requirements. Characterization of setup via modeling in terms of the flow dynamics as well heat and mass transfer has also an important role to improve and speed up the process development, and allow for a more effective scaling-up.

This work presents the rational followed by the continuous manufacturing group at Hovione to design a mobile, compact and modular setup able to handle homogeneous reactions using coil reactors, demonstrating the lessons learned towards every step during practical application. This work also aims to address on which units operations and reaction types are granted by different modules and show the characterization of coil reactors regarding residence time distribution and heat transfer.