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(266f) An Examination of Ash from Fast Pyrolysis


Erickson, D. - Presenter, Iowa State University
Heindel, T., Iowa State University
Amidst the looming threat of climate change, the development of clean energy sources is vital. The focus of this study is the extraction of renewable energy from biomass, specifically red oak. This is accomplished using fast pyrolysis, transforming the biomass feed at 500oC into products of bio-char, ash, and condensable gases that, once cooled, become a bio-oil. Fast pyrolysis is performed within a fluidized bed reactor, effectively simulating a continuous process. This presents a problem—the presence of ash as a fast pyrolysis product within the reactor has been experimentally shown to decrease reaction yield over time. Therefore, the ash must be removed from the reactor. In order to separate the bio-char from the ash, a collection cyclone is utilized. This is developed using the Barth Model, and applying the concept of particle elutriation from a fluidized bed. The cyclone is designed such that it can efficiently capture particles that are approximately 10 microns in diameter. Particles in the cyclone catch are then quantified using Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) analysis, so as to determine their elemental composition. This presentation will discuss the design of the ash collection cyclone, as well as the results and conclusions of the ICP analysis.


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