(253g) Binary Gas Adsorption Equilibria on MIL-53(Al) | AIChE

(253g) Binary Gas Adsorption Equilibria on MIL-53(Al)


Gumma, S. - Presenter, Cleveland State University
Talu, O., Cleveland State University
Flexible MOFs are interesting class of materials which alter their structures based on external stimulus. MIL-53(Al) is a well-studied flexible MOF that exhibits structural transformation between narrow pore (np) and large pore (lp) forms depending on suitable external stimulus/history. The phase diagrams for transformation between the two phases at various temperature/pressure/adsorbate concentrations are well documented in literature. The two pore forms have widely different adsorption characteristics for adsorption of pure gases; the np form of the framework exhibits higher capacity and selectivity to CO2 compared to gases such as N2 and CH4. Literature for extensive binary data on this MOF is scare in literature. In this work, we present the measurement and analysis of binary gas adsorption equilibria of CO2/N2 and CO2/CH4mixtures on np and lp pore forms of the MIL-53 (Al) framework.