(232a) High Performance CO2 Electrolyzers | AIChE

(232a) High Performance CO2 Electrolyzers


Masel, R. - Presenter, Dioxide Materials
Liu, Z., Dioxide Materials
Yang, H., Dioxide Materials
Gao, Y., Dioxide Materials
Sajjad, S. D., Dioxide Materials
Lutz, D., 3M
This paper will consider the combination of CO2 electrolysis and GTL processing as a way to convert waste CO2 into useful fuels and chemicals. First electrolysis is used to convert the CO2 to CO and O2

The main emphasis of the talk will be on the CO2 electrolysis. A cell with optimized cathode and anion exchange membrane has run for over 3500 hrs at 200 mA/cm2 and 3V at room temperature with stable high selectivity of ~95%. Currents rise to 600 mA/cm2 at 50°C. A new flow-field design has been created that allows large cells to be easily manufactured Solid. Initial results on coupling the devices to fuel production systems will also be discussed. These results pave the way for the commercialization of CO2 conversion to useful fuels.