(223h) Local Agglomeration Measurements of Mildly-Cohesive Particles in a Dilute Riser

LaMarche, C. Q. - Presenter, Particulate Solid Research, Inc.
Manchester, H., University of Colorado, Boulder
Liu, P., University of Colorado at Boulder
Kellogg, K. M., University of Colorado at Boulder
Hrenya, C. M., University of Colorado at Boulder
Circulating fluidized beds (CFB) are commonly used in industrial operation, and typically involve mildly-cohesive (Group A) particles (e.g. FCC particles). Here, mildly cohesive (Group A) spherical particles were carefully characterized and used in an investigation into the effects of superficial gas velocity, particle size and relative humidity on agglomerate and particle behavior. With the use of a state-of-the-art camera that can resolve particles down to 10 microns in diameter, novel local measurements of agglomerate size and fraction of agglomerate size in a dilute, experimental riser are reported, along with local measurements of solids volume fraction, granular temperature, and mean velocity of primary particles and agglomerates. The results presented here are useful to understanding the behavior of cohesive particles in risers and for model validation of cohesive-particle theories.