(198k) Applications of Mesoporous RuCo2O4 Thin Film for High Performance Supercapacitor | AIChE

(198k) Applications of Mesoporous RuCo2O4 Thin Film for High Performance Supercapacitor


Kim, D. H. - Presenter, Chonnam National University
Applications of mesoporous RuCo2O4 thin film for high performance supercapacitor

Nilesh R. Chodankar, Do-Heyoung Kim*


School of Chemical Engineering, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 500-757, South Korea Supercapacitors have high power capability, excellent cycling lifetime and better efficiency; however, to enable their use at wider level it is essential to step-up their energy storing capacity. The design of nanostructured electrode material with higher capacitance, rate capability and excellent cycling stability has emerged as prime theme of the supercapacitor research. In present work, we are reporting the facial electrodeposition of binary metal oxide (RuCo2O4) on the low cost stainless steel mesh substrate. The nanostructured RuCo2O4 electrode contain the large number of mesoporous clusters, leaving an ample of free space for easy electrochemical reactions. Strikingly, this unique nanostructure provides an excellent electrochemical performance in terms of high energy storing capacitance (more than 1000 F/g ) with excellent rate proficiency and long-lasting operating cycling stability (around 10000 cycles). More importantly, the electrochemical investigation is carried out to confirm the origin of capacitive behavior from the dual surface-controlled and diffusion-controlled process. Furthermore, a complete flexible solid-state supercapacitor device was assembled with RuCo2O4 electrodes which produce remarkable values of energy density, which is far superior as compared to the carbon and unitary metal oxide based symmetric supercapacitors.