(196q) Synthesis of Chemical Protective Elastomeric Barrier Materials

Molinaro, A. - Presenter, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Zoto, C., U.S. Army NSRDEC
Truong, Q., US Army NSRDEC
Orbey, N., University of Massachussetts - Lowell

Microporous polyurethane coatings with chemical barrier
properties are being developed for potential use in industrial chemical
protective clothing. Ether-rich microporous polyurethane coatings/membranes are
known to offer excellent moisture vapor transport properties; however, toxic chemicals
can easily permeate their structures.  In this effort, to protect from toxic
chemicals, super activated carbon is added to the coating. Efforts to produce
this unique coating will be discussed, where moisture vapor permeability is
achieved by introducing microsized pores throughout the membrane using a water soluble
pore former. After curing, the pore former is removed by washing with water. The
membrane’s moisture vapor permeability and barrier properties to selected toxic
chemicals are tested using a vapor absorptive capacity apparatus and a chemical
permeation setup. The structure and the morphology of the membrane are
determined using electron microscopy and a nitrogen sorption apparatus, and
will be discussed.

PAO #: U17-172