(191bw) Expression of Snake Antivenom Proteins with B. Subtillis

Estell, W., San Jose State University
Komives, C. F., San Jose State University
Bacillus subtillis is a promising organism for high expression levels and secretion of recombinant proteins. This project is exploring the use of B. subtillis as a potential host for a fab-like fragment of an opossum protein, DM43, that has been shown to be able to neutralize metalloproteinases from snake venom in mice. Another protein is also part of the project that is from the serum of the python (Python reticulatus). Upstream of the target protein gene sequence we have inserted a sequence that encodes for a piece of a cellulase that is expressed and secreted by B. subtillis. The presentation will discuss the expression strategy and the effectiveness of the expressed proteins as antivenom.