(152e) Transport Problems in the Spirit of Stuart Churchill for Teaching and Research at the University of Michigan

Larson, R. G. - Presenter, University of Michigan
Vilas Boas Favero, C., The University of Michigan
Stuart Churchill’s solutions to important heat transport problems have greatly influence both pedagogy and research. The correlation of Churchill and Chu for the natural convection heat transfer to or from a vertical plate, over an astonishing range of Rayleigh numbers is based partly on a similarity solution of a type common in heat, mass, and momentum transfer for problems in chemical engineering. One such problem is asphaltene or wax transport and deposition onto the wall of an oil pipeline, which can be solved using similar methods, as will be discussed. In addition, such problems, and the wealth of their applications make for excellent motivations and examples in the teaching of graduate or undergraduate transport, as will be discussed in the talk.