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Novel Synthesis of CHA Zeolites

Zeolites are used the world over for applications that span all walks of industry. Initially popular for their ion exchange properties, new artificial processes allow for synthesis of high quality crystals; zeolites can now be used for precise separation and high conversion catalysis. Some zeolites, while occupying large portions of usage markets are expanding their portfolio of uses. These newer uses for zeolites require research and highly reliable methods of production for development. The limitation on the development and usage of the more advantageous zeolites is the excessive cost of manufacturing required to produce even small amounts of pure crystals. Many methods for synthesis exist, some that work extremely well may have specific limitations that exclude them for use in larger industrial applications. It is hydrothermal crystallization that is the most commonly used for the more prominent zeolite frameworks, as the process allows for greater control of product characteristics. This work examines the kinetics and reproducibility of synthesis of CHA using a new structural directing agent and several different sources of silica and alumina. This new method is significantly cheaper than the methods widely accepted for manufacture of CHA type and can produce zeolites with custom Silica: Alumina ratios.