(88c) Simulation Requirements for Process Design Package of a Commercial Unit | AIChE

(88c) Simulation Requirements for Process Design Package of a Commercial Unit


Ye, M. - Presenter, SABIC Americas Inc
Peng, K. Y. B., SABIC Americas, Inc.
Mohedas, S., SABIC
The criteria for developing a simulation model for the process design

package of a commercial unit is discussed in this presentation. A whole plant integrated model must

meet the following requirements: (1) All feedstock, products, vent, and utilities meet the battery limit

conditions; (2) A process simulation design case should be defined, several scenarios may be

simulated, typically for normal operation (base case), start-of-run, end-of-run, and operation under

other conditions (rating cases); (3) Simulation diagram matches process flow diagrams (PFD), piping

and instrument diagrams (P&ID); (4) Provide heat and material balance (HMB), summary of energy

and utility consumptions, and summary of waste emissions (vapor, liquid, waste water, and solid); (5)

Generate process database with operation capacity and conditions, as well as detailed physical

properties that required for equipment and instrument process specifications, and for pipe and

equipment sizing. This presentation illustrates the details of process simulation model to fulfill the PDP



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