(84f) Study of Reaction Kinetics for Elemental Mercury Vapor Oxidation over CuCl2 for Mercury

Sriram, V., University of Cincinnati
Liu, Z., University of Cincinnati
Lee, J. Y., University of Cincinnati
The reaction kinetics for elemental mercury (Hg(0)) vapor oxidation over CuCl2/α-Al2O3 has been studied. The reaction kinetic data were obtained with respect to the reaction temperature and inlet Hg(0) concentration. The objective of this study is to determine the intrinsic reaction rate expression for the reaction of Hg(0) with CuCl2. Based on the grain model, a description has been developed to represent the gas-solid reaction taking place within the CuCl2 grains. During the reaction, the CuCl2 grains were found to agglomerate, and thus a sintering description was added to the model in order to take into account the incomplete conversion of CuCl2. The reaction rate constants and activation energy were determined by comparing the experimental data with the mathematical model. The detailed experimental and simulation results will be presented.