(751d) Sustainability Metrics for Solar Powered Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Schlup, J. R., Kansas State University
Anthony, J. L., Kansas State University
Erickson, L., Kansas State University
This presentation will include an analysis of sustainability metrics associated with the installation of solar panels in parking lots designed to provide electricity for commercial use and shade for those who park under the solar panels. The installation will also include electric vehicle supply equipment to charge batteries in electric vehicles. The system is connected to the electrical grid so that the electricity generated can be used efficiently and electric vehicle batteries can be charged at all times. Important sustainability metrics are cost of electricity generated, cost of vehicle charging, value of shaded parking, convenience of vehicle charging, land area, water, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and materials for the installation and equipment. Social metrics include impact on health status of the community, psychological well being, harmony, values, agency, and environmental justice.