(6as) Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Heterogeneous Catalysts for Energy Production

Sun, J., Washington State University
Research Interests:

  • In situ/operando spectroscopic (DRIFTS, Raman, X-ray adsorption) characterization of catalysts
  • Tuning surface acid-base properties of metal oxides for C-C coupling of small oxygenates to olefins
  • Functional control of (bi)metallic catalysts for hydrodeoxygenation and steam reforming reactions
  • Syntheses of multifunctional nano-catalysts for C1 (i.e., COx) activation

Successful Proposals:Washington State University new faculty seed grant

Research Experience:

My research career path has been following two major directions: materials science and catalysis. My graduate research was devoted to the structure control of nanoporous materials via self-assembly and sol-gel chemistry, as well as further synthesis of uniform metal nanoparticles catalysts confined within the pores of nanoporous materials via host-guest chemistry. During my PhD studies, I also spent three months (July, 2005-September, 2005) in the department of inorganic chemistry, Fritz Haber Institut der MPG, Germany where I received a full training on using high-resolution scanning/transmission electron microscope for materials characterizations. During my postdoc studies, I grasped the Schlenk line synthesis and in situ X-ray absorption spectroscope (i.e, XANES and EXAFS) characterization of structural simple supported metal clusters/mononuclear. My current research topics include the fundamental understanding and rational design of highly active and selective steam reforming catalysts, the development of bimetallic hydrogenation catalysts for removing oxygen from biomass derived phenolics, and the balance of acid-base chemistry for a cascade aldolization and self-deoxygenation of biomass derived small oxygenates. State-of-the-art in situ/operandocharacterization techniques (e.g., IR, Raman, and X-ray absorption etc.), reaction kinetics, and theoretical calculations have been used to elucidate the reaction mechanism of the catalysts. Teaching Interests:

During my graduate studies, I TA'd in the undergraduate physical chemistry labs taught by my advisor, and supervised a few undergraduate students to successfully finish their research projects at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics. Since then, I have been presenting scientific results periodically in different forums, seminars and international/national conferences. As an Assistant Research Professor in the Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering (VSCEB), I am also serving as a thesis committee member to supervise both graduate and undergraduate students independently. During the five years of working in VSCEB, I have gained valuable experiences in leading the group meetings and providing mentorship for students who are working under both government and industrial funded projects.

Selected Publications:

  1. Rebecca A.L. Baylon, Junming Sun,* Kevin J. Martin, Padmesh Venkitasubramanian and Yong Wang* â??Beyond ketonization: selective conversion of carboxylic acids to olefins over balanced Lewis acidâ??base pairsâ?, Chemical Communications, 2016, 52, 4975-4978.
  2. Junming Sun, Rebecca A.L. Baylon, Changjun Liu, Donghai Mei, Kevin J. Martin, Padmesh Venkitasubramanian and Yong Wang â??Key roles of Lewis Acid-Base Pairs on ZnxZryOz in Direct Ethanol/Acetone to Isobutene Conversionâ? Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016, 2, 507-517.
  3. He Zhang, Junming Sun,* Changjun Liu, Yong Wang* â??Distinct water activation on polar/non-polar facets of ZnO nanoparticlesâ? Journal of Catalysis, 2015, 331, 57.
  4. Junming Sun, Ayman M. Karim, Donghai Mei, mark Engelhard, Xinhe Bao, Yong Wang â??New insight into reaction mechanism of ethanol steam reforming on Co-ZrO2â? Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2015, 162, 141-148.
  5. Junming Sun, Ayman M. Karim, He Zhang, Libor Kovarik, Xiaohong Shari Li, Alyssa J. Hensley, Jean-Sabin McEwen, Yong Wang, â??Carbon Supported Metal Catalysts for Vapor-phase hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol: A comparative Studyâ? Journal of Catalysis, 2013, 306, 47-57.
  6. Zhehao Wei, Junming Sun*, Yan Li, Abhaya K. Datye, Yong Wang* â??Bimetallic catalysts for hydrogen generationâ? Chemical Society Reviews, 2012, 24, 7994-8008.
  7. Kake Zhu, Junming Sun,* He Zhang, Jun Liu, Yong Wang* â??Carbon as a Hard Template for Nano Materials Catalystsâ? Journal of Natural Gas Chemistry, 2012, 21, 215-232.
  8. Junming Sun, Kake Zhu, Feng Gao, Chongmin Wang, Jun Liu, Charles H.F. Peden, Yong Wang â??Direct Conversion of Bio-ethanol to Isobutene on Nanosized ZnxZryOz Mixed Oxides with Balanced Acid-Base Sitesâ?, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2011, 133, 11096.
  9. Junming Sun, Miaofang Chi, Lobo L. Rodrigo, Mehraeen Shareghe, Browning Nigel, Gates C. Bruce â??Tantalum Clusters Supported on Silica-Alumina: Influence of Support Composition and Chemistry on Cluster Structureâ?, Langmuir, 2009, 25, 10754-10763.
  10. Junming Sun, Ding Ma, He Zhang, Xiumei Liu, Xiuwen Han, Xinhe Bao, Gisela Weinberg, Norbert Pfänder, and Dangsheng Su â??Toward monodispersed silver nanoparticles with unusual thermal stabilityâ?, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2006, 49, 15756-15764.


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