(67f) Ecoprime Twin – Continuous Two-Column Chromatography at the Process Scale

The call for implementing continuous processing into the manufacturing of bio-pharmaceuticals requires re-thinking of process chromatography and its equipment designs. Proof-of-concepts of innovative multi-column continuous processes were introduced by the industry, which verified improvements in resin utilization and increased productivity. However, questions remain remains how to scale up the standard chromatographic batch processes to continuous production scale. Our focus is here on the process optimization of the twin-column technology that has a less overall complexity in process and system design and performs comparable if not better than other multi-column setups. The successful scale-up from bench-top to twin-column pilot scale will be supported by performance data. The requirements for the equipment design, process automation and regulatory aspects due to the implementation of the continuous processing are highlighted. Furthermore, future trends how the EcoPrime Twin technology will enable the integrated continuous downstream processing are pointed out.