(676g) Pt-Promoted Supported Gallium Catalyst for Dow Fluidized Catalytic Dehydrogenation Process

Luo, L. - Presenter, The Dow Chemical Company
Stears, B., The Dow Chemical Company
Malek, A., The Dow Chemical Company
Barton, D. J., The Dow Chemical Company
Kilos, B. A., The Dow Chemical Company
Kang, J., The Dow Chemical Company
On-purpose propylene production from propane dehydrogenation (PDH) provides a solution to resolving the shortage in propylene supply resulted from the recent feedstock shift to crack more light gases in steam cracking. Although there are existing propane dehydrogenation technologies available, improvement spaces are present in propylene selectivity and the associated energy efficiency. Here we introduce a new PDH technology, Dow PDH, a circulating fluid bed technology based process capable to achieve 45% propane conversion at approximately 93 mol% selectivity to propylene. The Dow process utilizes a Pt promoted supported Ga catalyst with a proprietary reactor and regenerator design. In this presentation, we will focus on catalyst performance and stability. The function of Pt and Ga in PDH chemistry will be discussed with supporting evidence from various characterization techniques and model catalyst investigation.