(645f) Fabricating of High-Performance Functional Graphene Fibers for Micro-Capacitive Energy Storage

Min, Y. - Presenter, Guangdong University of Technology
Fan, T., Peking University
Zhao, C., Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Xiao, Z., Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Liu, Y., Peking University
Although graphene is a typical two dimentional material, it was converted to multi-dimentional stuff to enhance special properties. The one dimensional graphene fiber is an example. Here we fabricated graphene fibers by utilizing ionic liquid as coagulation and functional diamines as cross-linkers to connect graphene oxide layers. The fibers showed excellent mechanical properties. The tensile strength of the resulant fibers reaches ~729 MPa after annealing at 2800 °C. All-solid-state flexible micro-capacitors are fabricated as well with promising energy storage performance. The fibers show a specific volumetric capacity as high as ~225 F/ cm3 (measured at 103.5 mA cm-3 in a three-electrode cell), as well as a long cycle life of 2000 times. The initial results have confirmed that these fibers can be complement or even replacement of batteries in miniaturized portable electronics systems.