(645d) Capacitive Behavior of Natural Biomaterials in High-Performance Renewable Supercapacitor

Zhang, Z. - Presenter, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mulyadi, A., Georgia Institute of Technology
Deng, Y., Georgia Institute of Technology
Supercapatior, as a promising high performance energy-storage device, has drawn great attention of researchers due to its outstanding advances, like high power, rapid charging/discharging rate and reliable runnability. Theoretically, the capacitive performance of a supercapacitor is dominated by two factors, electrochemical double-layer and redox reaction. Recently, an increasing critical requirement from environmental viewpoints has motivated the development of sustainable energy-storage materials. Many biomaterials and their derivatives own unique insights to be applied as supercapacitor. In this work, we successfully prepared biomass-based supercapacitor with good performance and investigated the effects of biomass in detail. Our preliminary results demonstrated the importance of biomass in renewable supercapacitor and indicated that it contributed to the capacitive behavior with more than one mechanism.