(617i) Porous Nickel Species Anchored in SBA-16 with Excellent Activity and Stability for CO Methanation

Xin, Z., East China University of Science and Technology

A series of Ni catalysts supported on SBA-16 were prepared with citric acid (CA) and tested by methanation of syngas in a fixed bed reactor. Various characterization techniques (N2 physisorption, powder XRD, TPR, TEM, SEM, UV-vis) were used to identify the catalysts. The amount of citric acid have significant influence on the properties of the catalysts. A small amount of CA could improve the dispersion and minish the nickel particle size of the catalysts. Excessive amount of citric acid would react with the -OH groups on SBA-16 and moderate the interaction between Ni and support. Hollow structure on the surface of nickel was observed in the catalysts prepared by citric acid. The best activity was obtained on Ni/SBA-16-15%CA catalysts with 100% CO conversion and 99.9% CH4 selectivity at 350, 0.1 Mpa and 15000 mL/g/h. The catalysts prepares with CA exhibited excellent stability at high temperature calcination, which was attributed to the porous species anchored into the pores of the silica.