(617ge) Reaction Route Analysis of Mo Based Shift Catalyst

Sasaki, T., Hitachi,Ltd.
Suzuki, T., Hitachi, Ltd.
Takaoka, M., Graduated School of Engineering, Kyoto
We evaluated a reaction route of sulfur tolerant shift catalyst which is expected to apply to IGCC (Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle) with CO2 capture. In the conventional many papers,  the elementary reaction as the origin of the MoS2 to be constructed in a) MoS2 + H2Oâ??MoSO + H2S, b) MoSO + COâ??MoS + CO2, and c) MoS + H2Oâ??MoSO + H2O has been proposed. In this study, we have clarified that there is a elementary reaction d) MoS+H2Sâ??MoS2+H2 instead of c), and H2S contributes to reaction progress.