(617fz) Tailor-Designed Oxidation Catalysts for Low Temperature Combustion Engines

Hazlett, M., University of Houston
Epling, W., University of Virginia
Kang, S., University of Houston
Stricter fuel economy standards have led to the automotive industry moving forward with higher efficiency lean combustion modes. These lean combustion modes need to meet environmental policies placed on the vehicle emissions before they are able to be commercially implemented. Much lower exhaust temperatures and higher CO and hydrocarbon concentrations lead to a significant challenge in reducing the emissions of these lean combustion modes, as current catalytic exhaust systems are not able to give adequate activity. This study looks at the performance of various oxidation catalysts under these fuel conditions. Catalysts containing Pt and Pd and various ratios thereof supported on Al2O3 washcoated onto a cordierite monolith were tested under simulated exhaust conditions. An understanding of the different oxidation properties for different reactant species of each metal can be seen in these results, which can be used to guide us in designing superior oxidation catalysts in order to meet the environmental regulations.