(602c) Climate Change Policy Post 2015 Paris Agreement

Ternes, M. E. - Presenter, Crowe & Dunlevy
This presentation will summarize critical developments arising with and after the 2015 Paris Climate Conference which hosted the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to review the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Conference, and the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015. Additionally, the presentation will put into perspective the implications for US businesses and other stakeholders of the Obama Administration's commitments made at COP21 given the US political landscape, hostile congressional response and the 2016 election year, litigation regarding the EPA's GHG regulation, the state of the economy, price of oil, dynamic weather including drought and/or flooding exacerbated by sea level rise and increased storm surges, as well as the enforcement posture of federal agencies regarding permitting, compliance, and disclosures of material risk arising from threats to supply chain and other factors central to overall reliability and resilience.