(540h) Analytical Calculation of Laminar Flow Reactor Effluent Concentrations without the Necessity of a CFD Approach

Manousiouthakis, V., University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles
This work seeks to develop an analytical model capable of calculating effluent concentrations for segregated laminar flow reactors (SLFRs) based on the segregated flow model (SFM). The distinguishing element of the presented model is its applicability not only to isothermal, but also non-isothermal SLFRs. This essentially enables the accurate determination/calculation of effluent concentration for any type of laminar flow reactor, regardless of size or geometry. The sole requirement is the knowledge of the reactorâ??s residence time distribution function (RTD), which is easily determined through simple pulse experiment. The accuracy of the developed model is demonstrated on two case studies featuring a Trambouze reaction scheme for both the isothermal and non-isothermal cases respectively. The obtained results are compared with outlet concentrations obtained from CFD simulations conducted for the same cases. The comparison clearly indicates the high accuracy of the analytical model consequently making a CFD approach superfluous.