(504f) The Pretreatment of Pennisetum Hybrid with Composite Solid Base Catalyst

Zhuang, X., Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion,CAS
The Pretreatment of Pennisetum hybrid with Composite Solid Base Catalyst

Zhuang Xinshu, Tan Xuesong, Yu Qiang, Qi Wei, Wang Wen,Wang Qiong, Zhou Gui Xiong,

Yuan Zhenhong*

(Key Laboratory of Renewable Energy, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510640, China)


Abstract: Pretreatment is a critical step for the downstream enzymatic hydrolysis to producing cellulosic ethanol. Solid base catalyst can be a potential way for lignin removing, xylose releasing and phenols producing. In this paper the effects of the reaction conditions on enzymatic digestibility and total sugar yield of Pennisetum hybrid pretreated in low temperature aqueous environment with composite solid alkaliâ??CaO/MgO as the catalyst are investigated. The results indicated that 20% catalyst content, 110â??,80min and 1:20 ratio of solid are the optimal pretreatment conditions, the lignin removal rate is up to 54.18%.The enzymatic digestibility increases from 41.23% to 81.04% with the enzyme loading of 40FPU/g after72h, substrates can be fully hydrolyzed. After pretreatment, the compact structure of the feedstock is damaged, more fibers exposing, the chemical groups such as hydrogen bond in or between are destroyed.

Keywords: Composite Solid Base; Pennisetum hybrid; Enzymolysis; Pretreatment

This work is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51476179 ) and the Sino-Thai project (51561145015).

Corresponding author: Yuan Zhenhong, 86-20-87057735; yuanzh@ms.giec.ac.cn.