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(477b) Your Career Is a Startup


Lin, A. S. - Presenter, Google Cloud
As chemical engineers, we are equipped with highly sought after skills to tackle technological and strategic problems. But how do we apply those same skills towards the development of our own careers? What if your career was run like a startup? What would be your assets? What customers would you serve? What would make you the go-to person when certain challenges arise? How would you market yourself to your company and to your profession?

Participants will learn:

  1. The difference between personal brand identity vs. brand equity

  2. How to leverage those technical skills youâ??re already great at to build your brand

  3. Ways to practice executive presence, from how you hold face-to-face meetings with your manager, to presenting â??Youâ? in your best light to the executive levels of your company

  4. How to use your skills as an engineer to analyze your current career path