(471b) Ideas As a Process Intensification Tool with Application to Natural Gas Reforming Based Hydrogen Production

Pichardo, P., UCLA
Manousiouthakis, V., University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles
In this work, process intensification is identified as a process synthesis activity aiming at significant improvements over traditional process designs. The infinite-dimensional state-space (IDEAS) conceptual framework is put forward as a systematic tool for process intensification, which can identify fundamental limitations to the attainable performance by networks of technologies under consideration. The employed approach allows for a broad search of the state-space for process intensification opportunities, even by low dimensional IDEAS linear programming approximations that always retain design feasibility. The proposed process intensification methodology is applied to a case study of natural gas reforming based hydrogen production. The obtained results identify intensified process designs featuring hot/cold utility costs that in certain cases can be lower by more than an order of magnitude to those of traditional designs.