(445a) Biotechnology in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Lee, S. Y. - Presenter, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
We are observing a big paradigm shift in how we live, work and even play based on such unprecedentedly fast development of various technologies. This tide of change is so big, and thus is called â??the Fourth Industrial Revolutionâ?. It is difficult to predict how this revolution will affect our life, but it is clear that it is already here with us. Integration of digital-physical-bio technologies is driving the fourth industrial revolution. It is best to understand the impact of the fourth industrial revolution through linking core developments with the worldâ??s most important pending problems. Biotechnology will play increasingly important roles in producing what we eat and what we use in sustainable manner. Also it will become more and more important in improving our health and healthcare system. In this lecture, I will describe briefly how the fourth industrial revolution is being unfold and what biotechnology can deliver in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Examples will be given on sustainable production of chemicals, fuels and materials through biotechnology and on how to improve our healthcare system in the aging society with increasing population.