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(429j) An Education Module for Natural Gas Storage


Jensen, C. - Presenter, Colorado School of Mines
Over the course of six years working as a student liaison and with faculty to make sustainability a rigorous education component, feedback from students strongly suggests that a large portion of chemical engineering graduates desire to work in the energy sector, specifically in the oil and natural gas industries. However, petroleum engineering students maintain an advantage to gaining employment in these fields over strict chemical engineers. As a participant of a Center for Sustainable Engineering faculty development workshop, an expected outcome includes the dissemination of an education module relevant to the topic of sustainability. The outcome in my case involves the development of a series of modules related to Natural Gas upon the realization of the so called Natural Gas Revolution. Synergistic tight shale gas-hydraulic fracturing and directional drilling technologies act synergistically to provide for the recovery of energy resources touted as a bridge to overall cleaner energy production and use. 2015 marks a point in time where the majority of electricity generation in the U.S. originates from natural gas as a primary energy source instead of coal. This poster outlines in detail, the first module that will be shared as part of the CSE repository, focusing on the topic of Natural Gas Storage, providing chemical engineers with a succinct technical exposure to natural gas storage related to energy sustainability. As a whole, modules presented together illustrate Natural Gas practice from an interdisciplinary perspective including elements from; chemical engineering; health sciences; environmental engineering, and contains significant links to policy-regulation.