(410b) Flame Synthesis of Highly Transparent and Robust Nano-Layers for Enhanced Photo-Electrochemical Water Splitting

Tricoli, A., The Australian National University
Direct chemical storage of solar energy is an attractive concept for off-the-grid renewable power generation. Currently the poor transparency of the thick low-cost catalyst layers required for water oxidation hinders the large-scale fabrication of efficient photo-electrochemical cells for artificial photosynthesis and hydrogen production. Flame synthesis of tailored nanoparticles and direct aerosol deposition is a scalable technology for the production of ultra-porous layers of photo-catalysts and optoelectronic devices1. Nevertheless the fragility2 of this gas-phase self-assembly has limited their application in liquid environments with most studies requiring the in-situ high temperature annealing of the depositing particle to obtain sufficient mechanical stability 3. This results in a drastic drop of the layer porosity and hinders the fabrication of optimal architecture for electrochemical systems.

Here, we report the engineering of robust high performance photo-electrodes with tunable porosity and composition. We discuss the critical parameters controlling the self-assembly of these nanoparticle layers and present a flexible approach for their mechanical and chemical stabilization. We apply this concept to the fabrication of photo- and electrochemical cells for water splitting demonstrating very high turn-over frequencies, controllable light absorption and efficient electron collection. We envision that this scalable synthesis approach can be readily implemented for the commercial production of low-cost devices for chemical energy storage and renewable fuel production.


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