(375g) Reaction Engineering for Modified Furans | AIChE

(375g) Reaction Engineering for Modified Furans


Dauenhauer, P. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Park, D. S., University of Minnesota
Joseph, K. E., University of Minnesota
Krumm, C., University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Vlachos, D., University of Delaware
Lobo, R., University of Delaware
Transformation of biomass to useful chemicals and biomaterials requires explicit selection of reaction pathways from biopolymer, to monomer, and eventually a sequence of steps to chemical products. In this work, we identify a new reaction sequence to convert biomass-derived glucose to furans, followed by furan functionalization to produce an array of derivatized furans. Three furan upgrading reactions are combined in a variety of sequences, and the resulting products are characterized providing a detailed understanding of furan structure-property relationships. Reaction steps are characterized for each catalytic method, and the ultimate process chemistry is evaluated for overall performance with regard to industrial applications.