(364c) Active Learning in Senior Process Design and Plantwide Control | AIChE

(364c) Active Learning in Senior Process Design and Plantwide Control


Grassi, V. - Presenter, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Luyben, W. L., Lehigh University
Silebi, C. A., Lehigh University
Baltrusaitis, J., Lehigh University
This presentation will illustrate how we have engaged students to increase learning outcomes in the chemical engineering senior design course at Lehigh University by using the KEEN (http://engineeringunleashed.com/keen/) framework and active learning.

The Lehigh senior design course is two semesters. Students work in teams of 3. Each team is assigned a different and significant industrial process. The goal of the first semester is to complete the economic optimal steady-state design. The goal of the second semester is to demonstrate a working plantwide control structure. Commercial grade steady-state and dynamic simulation software is used.

The KEEN framework is based on the 3 C's: engaging Curiosity, making Connections, and Creating value. The KEEN framework helps us create challenging projects that ignite student curiosity and critical thinking. The students make connections to their prior course work and work experiences. They engage with multiple faculty and industrial consultants. All design projects require the students to identify the value proposition of their work. We use an active learning process: tell, show, do, report, and question. 150 minute classes are broken into segments. Lectures with examples are followed by in-class student team exercises. Students report their results and then engage with an open discussion of questions and answers. 75 minute recitations are held in the computer laboratory where each student has an Aspen workstation to develop process insight through simulation working individually and in teams. Two oral reports are given during the semester along with multiple group meetings with the faculty. A final all day formal presentation is given by each student team to the faculty, industrial consultants, and invited guests. This formal event is also held by web conference to engage those unable to attend in person or who would like to watch the event at another time.