(33b) Production of Acetic Acid from Natural Gas with Zero Carbon Emissions

Manousiouthakis, V., University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles
In this work, the design of a process plant flow sheet that produces acetic acid from natural gas with zero carbon emissions is developed. Two such cases are developed - the production of acetic acid alongside power generation and hydrogen respectively.

The UNISIM software (Honeywell trademark) is used to create the flow sheet for the various modules of each plant based on established technologies of industrial acetic acid and hydrogen production processes. The various modules, when coupled for each process plant, create the net effect of zero-carbon emission.

Energy self-sufficiency, feasibility and operability limits of both cases are established via a thermodynamic analysis, while profitability is ascertained via economic and revenue studies based on current prices of the various commodities. The results are compared to stand-alone power, hydrogen and acetic production plants.